CODE Electric’s dedication to safety goes beyond meeting minimal requirements. All Project Managers, Supervisors, and Foremen have an OSHA 30hr Certification.

Committed to a Safe and Secure Working Environment

All of our superintendents have been thoroughly trained and hold a 30-Hour OSHA Safety
Certification. We are committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for all
of our employees. Code Electric’s safety program is headed by our in-house safety officer,
Mark S. Perry.

Meeting and Exceeding Regulatory Expectations

Mark and his staff respond effectively to matters relating to the on-the-job safety of our
employees. We meet or exceed OSHA, NFPA, and NEC regulatory requirements. Our safety
program also includes drug testing 100% of our employees during the hiring process. We
continue this testing monthly at random as well as post-accident.

For questions on safety at Code Electric, call Josh Wechsberg at (919) 787.4655 or contact us here.